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Independent Solar Energy Mesh

Status of "..nodeid.."

Local time: "..string.format("%04d-%02d-%02d %02d:%02d:%02d DST:%d", localTime["year"], localTime["mon"], localTime["day"], localTime["hour"], localTime["min"], localTime["sec"], localTime["dst"]).."
Summary: "..charge_status..". "..system_status.."
Charge state: "..charge_state_int.."%
Next scheduled reboot by watchdog in: "..nextreboot.." minutes
Battery voltage: "..V_out.." Volt
Temperature corrected charge end voltage: "..V_out_max_temp.." Volt
Battery temperature: "..battery_temperature.."°C
Battery health estimate: "..health_estimate.."%
Power save level: "..powersave.."
Solar panel open circuit voltage: "..V_oc.." Volt
MPP-Tracking voltage: "..V_in.." Volt
Low voltage disconnect voltage: "..low_voltage_disconnect.." Volt
Rated battery capacity (when new): "..rated_batt_capacity.." Ah
Rated solar module power: "..solar_module_capacity.." Watt
Solar controller type and firmware: "..hardware_version.." "..firmware_type.."
Latitude: "..lat.."
Longitude: "..long.."
Status code: 0x"..statuscode.."
Free RAM in Bytes: "..freeRAM.."
Uptime in seconds: "..node_uptime.."" end return function(conn) printv(3,"Pagestring",pagestring) send_response(pagestring) end